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Louisiana State Rep Pushes For Veteran HBOT Treatment Study

hyperbaric oxygen therapy for veterans

Louisiana State Representative Julie Skinner Stokes has released a House Concurrent Resolution (HCR No. 105) to urge and request the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center and the Tulane University School of Medicine, in conjunction with the Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs and the Louisiana Department of Health, to study the medical effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment in treating traumatic brain injuries and the feasibility of establishing a program that provides hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment and recovery services to veterans who have suffered traumatic brain injuries.

Passing the resolution will mark a significant milestone for veterans, and the healthcare they deserve when returning with injuries from the battlefield, possibly expanding traditionally covered treatment options in the future with HBOT for veterans across the nation.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has shown significant improvement and healing for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and concussions.

In 2010, about 2.5 million TBI-related hospitalizations were recorded in the U.S. alone. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been demonstrated to enhance the recovery from TBI and augment brain activity by reducing hypoxia and neuroinflammation, while increasing circulation in the brain.

Furthermore, HBOT has been reported to synergistically enhance the effects of other therapies, including standard intensive rehabilitation, for TBI patients to help accelerate recovery.  

To read the full State of Louisiana House Concurrent Resolution, click here.



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