Approximately 1 billion people, of all ages, are currently affected by neurological disorders, with an estimated 6.8 million related deaths that occur every single year worldwide.


This staggering statistical evidence illustrates the substantial impact of neurological disorders on public health.


New evidence has shown how hyperbaric oxygen therapy has helped individuals regain neurological activity and functionality. 


For neuro-developmental and neuro-degenerative disorders, in addition to neurological injuries, HBOT provides the brain with increased levels of oxygen to help recover/repair brain tissue, increase neuronal stem cell growth and improve cognitive functioning. Many clinical studies have demonstrated the benefits of HBOT for neurological conditions. 

Improve brain functioning & performance 

- Stimulates angiogenesis

- Improves cerebral oxygenation

- Enhances memory and mental performance 

Attenuate neuroinflammation 

- Reduces cerebral edema

- Decreases intracranial pressure

- Reduces cerebral infarction

- Reduces blood-brain barrier breakdown

- Minimizes oxidative stress

Increase regeneration of the nervous system

- Stimulates neurogenesis

- Promotes proliferation and mobilization of neural stem cells

- Facilitates neuroplasticity 

Improve brain repair & recovery 

- Recovers & repairs damaged brain tissue

- Develops & regains cognitive/motor functions 

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