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The staff are knowledgeable and friendly. Chase will take the time to answer any of your questions every time before you start each session. He genuinely cares about each person that walks through his doors. We will be resuming our treatment here in July and I will write another review after we go.

-Cristina B.

This facility is amazing! Although I was a little unsure to begin with as I hadn't use hyperbaric oxygen treatments before, Chase made me feel completely at ease with his deep knowledge from many years of working in the field and his great explanations of the hyperbaric treatments. Working with hyperbarics and Chase was invaluable in my healing from my own traumatic brain injury. I have referred several clients to him and the center and will continue to do so!

-Mimi B.

I couldn't be happier with the staff here. Chase is amazing and his background and knowledge made me feel so safe and confident. I have done over 40 treatments for my son with him, and he always made sure we felt comfortable and answered so many questions I had. He definitely knows what he is doing, and I wouldn't go anywhere else.

-Orit C.

Highly recommend this center and this treatment. The staff is wonderful and the facility is gorgeous and run very well. We started oxygen therapy for our son who sustained a traumatic brain injury. Initially it can feel overwhelming to put your child in an oxygen chamber, but luckily Chase is so well educated and experienced with the chambers that we were quickly put at ease. You really need a place like this that understands and shows concern for your well being. We have seen incredible improvements in our son's condition and have made great strides in his healing. Couldn't be happier!

-Carolyn D.

This facility uses a real hyperbaric chamber (not one of those zip-up, inflatable chambers that max out at 4psi). The facility itself is nicely decorated and very clean. Chase is knowledgeable and has worked in the industry for years. He is actually certified in hyperbaric medicine so you know you are in good hands. He really makes you feel comfortable during treatments. Dr. Ratansi, a leader in naturopathic hyperbaric medicine, is available for questions and consultations. This is the best facility I've found in the area. I will definitely be back.

-Nicole G.

I have to say, I was a bit nervous to go into the chamber at first. But with Chase it was very easy and his explanation made the whole process for me easier. Great service in a beautiful setting.

-Sandy M.