Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy provides unexpected pathway to recovery for Veteran Judge

Image credit: DAV Magazine

In 2005 Army Brigadier General Patt Maney was severely disabled by the blast of improvised explosive device (IED) near Kabul, Afghanistan. His wife Caroline recalled, "He became a 56 year-old 6 year-old, and I had to learn how to deal with him and to help him. I was his full-time caregiver…."

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy provided an unexpected pathway to recovery that enabled Maney to return to the bench as

federal judge in Florida where he became a powerful advocate for combat veterans.

His contributions included establishing a special court program for combat veterans whose disabilities from military service were related to their criminal actions as well as being a key advocate for Florida's recently passed law providing Hyperbaric Therapy for combat veterans.

"I learned firsthand how injuries can burden a veteran and their transition," said Maney.

DAV recently recognized Maney as the Outstanding Disabled Veteran of the Year. Read more about Judge Maney in DAV Magazine HERE.

Maney will be speaking about his experience with Hyperbarics at HMI's 2019 Hyperbaric Medicine Symposium. You can register HERE.

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