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UPDATE: Meghan King Edmonds' Son Hart Making "Great Progress" thanks to hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Meghan King Edmonds says her son Hart has been making "great progress" following his devastating health diagnoses.

In June, the The Real Housewives of Orange County star revealed that the boy had "irreversible brain damage." She said Hart's neurologist told her that the child had minor Periventricular Leukomalacia, a type of brain injury that affects premature infants and can cause disabilities.

The doctor said it explains the rigidity in Hart's muscles, delayed physical milestones, his lack of fluidity with arm and leg movements, stiffness in his joints, weakness in his lower back and his favored use of his right side.

On Saturday, Meghan posted on Instagram videos of Hart playing with his twin brother Hayes and 2-year-old sister Aspen, using furniture to keep his balance as he tried to walk around.

"Omg! This is such great progress!!" she wrote.

On Friday, she posted a photo of holding Hart while standing in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

"Four times a week either Jimmy or I 'dive' with Hart in a hyperbaric compressed oxygen chamber (HBOT)," she wrote. "After 5 dives we are already seeing progress: lifting his left leg on stairs when his right is restrained, bear crawling (perhaps trying to stand?), more willingly taking steps with assistance, and cruising from the couch to the coffee table."

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Meghan King Edmonds in hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber with toddler
Credit: Meghan King Edmonds



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