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Expert Certified Hyperbaric Technician
Chase Patterson

As a former diver-medic, fireman and now as our Board Certified Hyperbaric Technologist and Safety Director, Chase Patterson has been working in the field of hyperbaric medicine for over 13 years.


Chase's career started in the Gulf of Mexico treating commercial divers, as well as, in New Orleans at multiple hospitals and clinics, taking care of patients with any injuries and illnesses.


When he saw hyperbaric oxygen bring a teenage Traumatic Brain Injury patient back to life, Chase knew this is what he was destined to do.


Since then, he has also been part of numerous research studies for the advancement of hyperbaric medicine in the United States.

SoCal Hyperbaric Oxygen Center was designed by Chase and built according to hospital standards. After seeing both the good and the bad in hyperbarics, he is proud to finally "do things the right way" at his own place.

As a proud father of two children, his no-nonsense, honest and ethical approach to caring for his patients makes everyone who walks through the door part of our ever-growing family.

hyperbaric oxygen therapy technician Chase Patterson
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