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Whether a patient’s surgery is cosmetic or reconstructive, hyperbaric therapy is a non-invasive tool that may aid in the healing process and shorten recovery time.


Hyperbaric therapy has been increasingly used in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery, and has shown potential benefits in promoting wound healing, reducing the risk of infection, and improving the survival of tissues used in reconstructive procedures. It can also potentially reduce post-surgical bruising, swelling and inflammation and pain.


Many surgeons now recommend pre and/or postoperative HBOT to their patients to enhance their healing, recovery and improve results.


& Hyperbarics


Procedures That Can Benefit from Hyperbarics

  • Liposuction

  • Rhinoplasty

  • Hair Transplants

  • Fillers/Botox

  • Breast Augmentation/Breast Lift

  • Blepharoplasty/Eyelid Surgery

  • Fat Transfers

  • Tummy Tuck

  • ...many more

Physiological Benefits

  • Quicker Healing

  • Less Scarring, Bruising, Infection

Enhances Healing & Recovery

  • Fewer Postoperative Complications

  • Minimizes Pain & Discomfort

  • Reduces Inflammation

  • Reduces Swelling

Healing at the Cellular Level

  • Enhances Collagen Production

  • Improved Angiogenesis Enhancing Blood Flow to Tissue

  • Induces Fibroblast Activation

  • Promotes Anti Inflammatory Proteins

  • Stimulates Bone Remodeling

  • Stimulates Neovascularization and Vasodilation

Reduces Risk of Infection

  • Elevates Phagocytosis to Above Normal Levels

  • Enhances Microbial Activity

  • Increases Intracellular Leukocytes

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