Your Safety Is Our Priority

Certified Technicians


SoCal Hyperbaric Oxygen technicians are fully certified and licensed to maintain the highest level of safety standards for your oxygen chamber therapy treatments.

Highest Quality HBOT Chambers


Our facility operates two Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chambers which can comfortably fit up to two people per session. Our chambers are spacious enough to allow a caretaker or parent to monitor their child or person being cared for. You also have enough room to comfortably take a nap. Our chambers and facility are fully compliant with NFPA 99 health care facilities code.

Fire Code Compliance


Hyperbaric chambers are required to be fully compliant with NFPA 99 standards. This means that all multi-place hyperbaric chambers must have a fire suppression system in place consisting of operating hand line and deluge system (sprinkler system inside the chamber powered by pressurized water tanks).


Communications System: All chambers are required to have an adequate communications system with a back-up power system.

Oxygen Monitoring


NFPA 99 standards require oxygen levels be continuously monitored in Class-A chambers when breathing mixtures containing an excess of 21% oxygen by volume. Alarms are in place to indicate oxygen concentrations in excess of 23.5% inside the chamber.

Top Quality Treatment Methods


In order to get the full benefit of each treatment, we allow for a full 60 minutes at pressure plus pure oxygen. Most patients are treated at 2.0 atmosphere (ATA) which is the most effective standard for wellness and oxygen therapy.

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