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6 Health and Wellness Trends in High-End Real Estate (No. 6 Will Surprise You)

hyperbaric oxygen therapy and meditation
Credit: RISMedia

The luxury lifestyle isn’t just about looking great anymore. It’s about feeling great, too. Of course, the world’s affluent still want jaw-dropping properties with inspiring views, but they’re also looking for more substance. In today’s fast-paced world, they also want homes that can challenge them physically, calm them mentally and keep them centered.

As a result, wellness-related amenities have exploded in recent years. In fact, according to a report from ONE Sotheby’s International, properties with wellness-focused amenities sell for anywhere between 10 percent to 25 percent more than traditional luxury properties. In the luxury world, that can mean a significant sum of cash.

But what exactly are these amenities that today’s luxe buyers are looking for? The following are just some of the health and wellness features today’s top-tier buyers have on top of their wish lists.

1. Meditation Rooms Meditation rooms—quiet, peaceful spots dedicated to self-reflection—are quickly becoming a hot commodity for the world’s elite. Tech-driven virtual mediation spaces are even hotter. These use a combination of virtual reality technology and tranquil design to enhance the owner’s meditative practices.

2. Saunas and Massage Rooms Dedicated places to unwind and relax are also high on the list for top-tier buyers. They want saunas that can remove all the toxins of the day, private massage rooms where their on-call masseuse can get to work, and in-home spa stations, where they can enjoy a facial, get a Botox treatment or have their hair done without ever leaving the comfort of their own home.

3. On-Site Organic Meals Access to fast, healthy and sustainably-sourced meals is important to the world’s elite, and many luxury developers are finding ways to cater to this need. From bringing in five-star restaurants to deliver door-side organic meals to on-site nutritionists to rooftop vegetable gardens, luxe real estate is offering buyers their pick of healthy at-home dining options.

4. Yoga and Pilates Studios Those dedicated to the art of yoga or Pilates often seek out properties with in-house studios—places they can hone their craft or enjoy one-on-one sessions with their trainer. In high-rise buildings or condos, these might even take the shape of outdoor yoga decks or private rooftop studios.

5. Tranquility Gardens These gatherings of greenery bring peace to the busy lives of affluent clients. Typically situated on high-rise rooftops in gritty, concrete-filled urban centers, they’re a haven of natural foliage to the affluent city dwellers who call these spots home. Some developers are even taking this trend to the next level and offering full on-site private parks.

6. Oxygen Chamber Pods and Cryotherapy Booths One of the perks of affluence is getting to enjoy the latest technologies and products before they become publicly widespread. In the wellness world, you can count cryotherapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy among these. Many of today’s top-tier clients are looking to bring these new and evolving approaches into their homes to improve their health and increase their longevity. They’re especially popular with athletes, runners and fitness enthusiasts, as these high-tech amenities are known to increase blood flow and improve energy.



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