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Despite New Research, Scientists Want More Proof That Hyperbaric Oxygen Treats Alzheimer's

Researchers at two medical schools in the United States are reporting what they say is the first PET scan-documented case of improvement in brain metabolism in Alzheimer’s disease in a patient treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).

Though they say their results suggest the possibility of a long-term Alzheimer’s treatment, some experts say they still need to see more studies. A spokesman for The Mayo Clinic, which lists HBOT as a treatment for other diseases, but not for Alzheimer's, noted that a single case report is "not deemed sufficient grounds to recommend a therapy by our experts" and that a larger series of studies, with appropriate controls, would be needed. 

“We demonstrated the largest improvement in brain metabolism of any therapy for Alzheimer's disease,” said Dr. Paul Harch, clinical professor and director of Hyperbaric Medicine at Louisiana State University (LSU) Health New Orleans School of Medicine. “HBOT in this patient may be the first treatment not only to halt, but temporarily reverse disease progression in Alzheimer’s disease.”

Read the full story on Forbes HERE.

hyperbaric oxygen therapy for Alzheimer's
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