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Emerging Wound Care Therapy (HBOT) Now Heals Limbs Previously Scheduled for Amputation

hyperbaric oxygen dissolves into blood plasma tissue for wound care
Credit: Wesley Hyperbaric

Finally, a Solution to Help Prevent Unnecessary Amputations for Veterans, the Elderly, Diabetics, and Other Wound Victims and Relevant Patient Populations in the US and Internationally.

WASHINGTON, Aug. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- AVANTI Technologies Inc. (AVANTI) nursing team supports Los Angeles medical device company, Numotech Inc., to address one of health care's biggest challenges - nonhealing wounds that up until now often led to limb amputations.

The Numobag® Kit, a wound treatment solution proven to heal severe wounds in record time, was utilized by AVANTI's dedicated nurses to save an elderly patient's limb which was scheduled for amputation. One major result is the significant elimination of many amputations representing both an enormous and growing costly healthcare problem in the United Sates and throughout the world. See the Numobag® website: (

A recent clinical study entitled "A Disruptive Treatment to Prevent Amputation and Enhance Limb Salvage in an Elderly Patient" profiles a 95-year-old patient presented with a stage IV chronic and advance infected wound on her lower left leg. Medical tests revealed a life-threatening condition that was leading to a potential amputation of her left leg. After extensive and intensive traditional wound therapies were unsuccessful, the introduction of an adjunctive treatment was made with topical hyperbaric oxygen therapy (THOT®) that saw complete healing of the wound within 15 weeks. The wound closed, without the presence of scar tissue, and there were no signs of wound breakdown at three- and six-month follow-ups, thus eliminating the need for amputation.

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